Break the Ice

Submitted by Raising the Village on December 5, 2012 - 4:35pm
learning about one another

An opportunity for building connections in a community happens when a gathering of people shake off their formal or guarded demeanor and step lightly into personal topics. People feel good when they are able to share things about themselves. Brief, yet meaningful glimpses, into the lives of your neighbours, colleagues and even policy-makers helps to identify the things that truly connect us.

Here are a few easy and non threatening topics that can ignite mutual sharing and learning among people:

  • Favourite children's song or toy
  • Favourite season (and why)
  • Location of early childhood home
  • Name of your ancestors
  • What makes your family unique and even quirky?
  • Ideas for reducing stress
  • Traditions
  • Exciting initiatives in your organization or place of volunteer



  • If you are part of a work meeting - use these topics as a way of introductions
  • If you are a social media user (whether new or veteran) - ask your friends a question and post your own response. How about posting here on seeking community?
  • In your social groups (book clubs, sports teams, service groups) - find ways to bring up more personal interactions formally or informally
  • Be random - ask the cashier at the grocerty store one of these questions instead of chatting about the weather


As a "village raiser" - challenge yourself to be the first one to...break the ice!


You're turn:

What's one of your favourite ice-breaking questions?


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