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Break the Ice

There is a hustle and bustle in the December winter air...so how will you notice (really notice) others around you? How about a quick question to break the ice?

Looking for a Ticket to Higher Engagement? Try some Collective Fun!

Work and play can both be effective tools for group communication and development

Mindful Meeting Magic

The secret to changing your life is in your intentions. Wishing, hoping and goal setting cannot accomplish change without intention. What is needed is a shift from the inert energy of wanting to the active energy of doing and intention. - Dr. Wayne Dyer

Brain Based Engagement. Really?

Could our collaboration improve by simply becoming aware of how our brain responds to others? We think so. Find out why.

One Word at a Time

Hearing MANY meanings behind words can move groups towards a collective understanding, definition and goal. What "word" could use a clarity check-in for your organization/group?

What is your ONE word for 2012?

New Years goals a little hazy? Want to set intentions with ease? Pick your power word!

What is a Village

What communities are you (or your organization) a part of?