Photo Friday

Submitted by Rachel Elizabeth on November 30, 2012 - 8:15am
Week 3


Week 3: A wedding

Here is a photo from my wedding, which took place this summer in Peterborough! (Thanks for the photo, Chance Faulkner!). We had an open reception following our ceremony where all people were invited to my favourite place in Peterborough- a cafe and park area down by the water. There, one of my amazing baker-friends made delicious cupcakes, we had a photobooth and various lawn games ensued. Weddings are great times of rich community and fun!

Care to share a photo or story about your own/a wedding you've attended?

Expressions of happiness!

That's a great photo! You know it was a great event when you can see that feeling of happiness on someone's face!


Thanks so much David- it was such fun, as you have observed!