A Hunger for Community

Submitted by Rachel Elizabeth on September 17, 2012 - 3:04pm
An excerpt from "Blue Like Jazz"

"My friend Mike Tucker loves people. He says if he isn't around people for a long time he starts to lose it, starts to talk to himself, making up stories. Before he moved to Portland he was a long-haul trucker, which is no-good job for a guy who doesn't do well alone. He said one time, on a trip from Los Angeles to Boston, he had a three-hour conversation with Abraham Lincoln. He said it was amazing. I bet it was, I told him. Tuck said Mr. Lincoln was very humble and brilliant and best of all a good listener.

Tuck said prostitutes would hang out at truck stops, going from truck to truck asking the guys if they needed company. He said one night he got so lonely he almost asked a girl to come in. He didn't even want to have sex. He just wanted a girl to hold him, wanted somebody with skin on, somebody who would listen and talk back with a real voice when he asked a question.

Sometimes when I go to bed at night or when I first wake up in the morning, I talk to my pillow as if it were a woman, a make-believe wife. I tell her that I love her and that she's a beautiful wife and all. I don't know if I do this because I am lonely or not. Tuck says I do this because I am horny. He says loneliness is real painful, and I will know what it is when I feel it. I think it is interesting that God designed people to need other people. We see those cigarette advertisements with the rugged cowboy riding around alone on a horse, and we think that is strength, when, really, it is like setting your soul down on a couch and not exercising it. The soul needs to interact with other people to be healthy."

Donald Miller

"Blue Like Jazz"

pp.154 *emphasis added

Also- the movie "Blue Like Jazz" is coming out this year. Check-out the trailer: