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Submitted by Rachel Elizabeth on July 6, 2014 - 7:21pm
Community: Programs and Policies 2014


June 23-26th, 150 people from across North American gathered in Victoria Park (Kitchener, ON) to explore policies, programs and practices that deepen community. This was a rich time of learning, connection and celebration!

Below is a link to the resource library that contains various presentation slides and handouts from the gathering:



Participants interested in diving deeper into themes explored during the gathering can:

  • Explore Tamarack's 3 Online Learning Platforms to find a vibrant peer network, and the latest resources and tools to support positive community change:  
    • Tamarack CCI - For Collaborative Leaders who use collective impact approaches to address complex community issues.
    • Vibrant Communities - Cities Reducing Poverty - For Cities that are developing and implementing comprehensive poverty reduction strategies.
    • Seeking Community - For individuals who care about community, the vibrancy of neighbourhoods and the unique role of citizens in advancing social change.
  • Join as a member of Seeking Community and post a reflection blog about any "aha moments" you experienced during the workshop or questions you are left with at the end
  • Learn more about or join Tamarack's Neighbourliness Community of Practice (meets monthly via conference call) by emailing
  • Learn more about or join Tamarack's Policies Community of Practice (meets monthly via conference call) by emailing
  • Learn more about or join the Deepening Community Book Club  by emailing
  • Subscribe to The Seeker's Journal, a monthly e-magazine that explores the idea of neighbourliness, social capital, and belonging and highlights content being shared by the members of Seeking Community
  • Attend Tamarack’s Collective Impact Summit with Melody Barnes, John Kania, Jay Connor & more October 6th – 10th in Toronto, Ontario
  • Subscribe to Engage!, Tamarack's award-winning e-magazine to learn about the latest developments in the field.  Learn more here

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