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Submitted by Rachel Elizabeth on March 21, 2013 - 9:35am
My bus friend blesses me as I start each work day


I wrote a few months ago about one of my bus ventures- where a child beautifully guided me in a lesson of community building (Check out this blog). Well, I continue to ride the bus each day and so, I continue to have tales to tell...

My husband and I take the bus that comes outside our house each morning- I take it to Uptown Waterloo, where I catch a connecting bus to downtown Kitchener, while my husband takes it to Westmount and walks to campus. Each morning, as we get on the bus, we are greeted by a man who has become our friend, Clinton.

When we first met Clinton a few months ago, he would eagerly ask anyone around: "how many more weeks until spring?" Some people would respond, others who were waking up or listening to music wouldn't achknowledge the question. We started talking to him more and more. My husband knows far too much about hockey (you'll smile at this if you know him) and Clinton is also a fan. They would enter into hockey discussions- Clinton asking how each team had done in games that had taken place the previous night.

On days my husband stays home to work, Clinton immediately asks me, "Where is Chris today?" In the last couple of weeks, he has enjoyed singing parts of Backstreet Boys' songs to me... "Who you are. Who you are. As long as you love me," he'll sing and immediately ask me, "how's that for backstreet boys?" to which I always say, "that was wonderful!" I love watching the reactions of others as he sings in the morning- how can you not smile?

Yesterday he sat right next to me- asking me what I had eaten for dinner the night before, where Chris, how long until spring... the usual. When it was my stop, he said, "okay, have a nice day at work." Then, he moved to another seat next to someone else and launched into another conversation, "so, how are you today?" he said to a girl who rides each day, as well. When another passenger gets on, he asks, "how is Tiffany? "

As I watch each person interact with him- I see the how his questions, smiles and laughter bless them. Clinton is a man with special needs. We often think- "too bad that this person must live with a dissability." Clinton has made me think- "too bad we don't all have as much joy as he does."

Maybe you'll be luck enough to ride the bus with him some day...