Caring for One Another

Submitted by Rachel Elizabeth on October 30, 2013 - 8:29am
An Exploration of the "Tyze Connecting Care" Social Venture


“My profound conviction is that helping one another is a reciprocal, powerful act. Helping one another is key to having personal meaning in life and key to creating an inclusive, resilient society. Tyze is simply a tool that allows people to do what they want to do, which is love and care for one another.” - Vickie Cammack, Tyze Founder

We are heading into a time where there will be increasing demands on our health care system and families due to our aging population. This demand will be greater than ever before. There is clear research that says most people who are experiencing illness due to age or other special needs, would prefer receiving care from their own home and staying connected to their friends, families and neighbours. Those with illness experience greater health and well-being when surrounded by a community of support and care. But, families and neighours are at their capacity as they are working and supporting their own families and needs. That said, many family members and friends want to support those in need, but don't know how given their own schedules and lack of clarity of how they can help.

Tyze is an online tool that has been designed to create sustainability within communities. It allows a system of care to surround an individual that needs support with many important tools.

"A network could centre on a senior who has suffered a stroke – enabling his caregivers and friends to support his desire for greater independence. From a shared calendar, to goal and task lists, stories and photos, and unlimited file storage – Tyze offers practical and creative tools for building community, sharing information, enhancing life’s joys, and coordinating care and support." (

In their Social Mission, the Tyze team says they wish to "create a meaningful and active role for friends, family, and neighbours who are a critical part of the care equation. Share vital health information with the people who love the individual who’s facing a challenge. Connect people to each other and to good information. By nurturing the connections, relationships and activities within a person’s natural support network, we lay the foundation for their care.

We are champions of natural care. Friends and family have a role and expertise that services could never fill. Of course there is a role for professional services but our personal networks provide a passion, a care and a love that even the most well-intentioned and well designed intervention could never compete with. Tyze brings everyone on to the same page to create the best possible outcomes and to highlight reciprocity, exchange and meaning." (

For more infromation about Tyze Personal Networks, click here!

Vickie Cammack is the Founder and CEO of Tyze Personal Networks. She is a recognized Canadian source of inspiration and demonstrable solutions related to social networks, social innovation, citizenship and disability. She spearheaded the development of the Tyze platform, built the team that is now driving Tyze, and is playing the leading role in creating the connections and partnerships that will take Tyze to scale.

Vickie Cammack and Al Etmanski, the co-founder of Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN), will be joining us on December 5th for a call to explore their knowledge, skills and stories on caring for one another. This is going to be a wonderful time of learning! For more information on this event, click here!

Tyze in BC - family caregivers

Greetings from the West Coast from the Family Caregivers' Network Society. Tyze captured our interest over 2 years ago and we jumped into it with both feet with the start up support of the McConnell Family Foundation's Belonging Fund and the Tyze team. This is a very promising new way to wrap support around anyone who needs it. We're watching as families, friends and neighbours give Tyze a try, and we see the power of being better connected. We offer Tyze networks along with a range of education, 1-1 support, planning and navigation - if you are caring for someone in BC we can help. 

The power of a social network

As I was reading this it made me think a lot about the work of PLAN and posAbilities in Vancouver so I was really happy to see that they are coming together for an upcoming tele-learning event.  I love it when a brilliant idea finds application in a diversity of places.

I strongly feel that if we can foster diverse multi-generational networks for people it will do far more then any amount of professional services.  The other side of that coin is that we need to create more time in our lives for these social intereactions.  For a busy person like myself this is really hard, but I do feel that it is important.


I couldn't agree more Rachel. Linking groups together in a helping network is a wonderful way to promote caring. As you mention, now more than ever, we need to make certain everyone has a chance to feel hope, which is an inherent and necessary trait in humanity, but, I believe, it is only accessed to the fullest, when our basic needs for health, food, shelter and safety are met. I have hope that we shall see the fear in our world transformed to hope through the caring of very precious spiritual beings disguised as humans.

I was just thinking about

I was just thinking about this Tyze thing .... I have to wrap my head around it better. Thanks for the encouragement.


Hi Nina,

Thanks for your interest in the topic- yes, I am also keen to learn more.

You should join us December 5th, for our tele-learning with Vickie and Al- I'm sure they will offer more insight and welcome questions! :)