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An article I posted in Engage that further shares stories of my trip to Australia.

Back from Australia and New Zealand

Looking forward to routines. So interesting - after a long trip you really can see why the good life is most often described as home - the place where family friends and the routines of life abound. Grateful!

Why am I seeking?

So far I have explored loneliness and fear - in this blog I explore happiness and draw some conclusions. Maybe it is simply a happiness thing. I want to be happy, to find happiness and fulfillment in life and a knowing that this alone feeling is keeping me from true happiness...

Why am I seeking - Part two

As I explore this question of why am I seeking I have so far touched on this feeling of alone in contrast to loneliness - see part one. So if this alone feeling is not the primary reason (or just one reason) for seeking community then what is? Maybe it’s a fear thing...

How am I doing? How are we doing?

This interview was posted with our dear friends at Raising a Village. They ask if I might answer a few questions about community and I could not refuse. I love the way it turned out – especially the last question. They must of “got me at the right time."

Welcome and book give away

Paul Born feature
Great opportunity!

What am I seeking?

I spent a good part of August in Harrison Hot Springs British Columbia writing about Seeking Community. It was a fun break and even though I was away from family and missed them I deeply enjoyed the solitute that provided the space for focus...

Sustaining an Online Community

Here is a link to a great blog post on online commmunities...

Finding Together

Finding together spending time together with… friends family colleagues and associates …just about anyone is such joy To play, to visit, to eat, to sing even to pray …