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Seekers Journal - Mar 2011

The handpicked highlights for this month's Seekers Journal touch on the interconnected cycles of life and community – from birth and death, to a sense of belonging and recognizing the special role we each hold, to the layers of history in which we’re rooted, and to the wisdom in universal mysteries.

Coming Home

Could you ever feel at home where you did not feel welcome? More Than a Roof is, definitely, more than a roof. They provide shelter for people who were once homeless, and they do so with a difference. They take the word ‘community' seriously and work hard at building a sense of 'welcome' and 'home' back into peoples lives.

Finding Home

You know those quaint Newfoundland villages where there are a patchwork of colourful houses perched high on a cliff overlooking the sea? That was my experience of the cohousing community of WindSong. My visit there left me wanting more - more exploration and discussion about this way of living. I liked it.

The Meaning of Home

I am in B.C. this week visiting a co housing community called WindSong, and More Than a Roof - an innovative community approach to fighting homelessness. I am also going to be visiting Family in Harrison Hot Springs. Join me as I blog these three experiences and reflect on the meaning of home.

Seekers Journal - Feb 2011

The Seeker's Journal is a monthly collection of handpicked highlights from Seeking Community. If you haven't signed up for it yet, do so now. It will guide you to all kinds of hidden gems. If you have a profile on this site you will automatically get a copy. Click on 'Read more' for my welcome message and to find a link to the latest issue. Enjoy!

Road Trip Final Post - Martin Luther King's Birthday

The third Monday in January is Martin Luther King day, celebrated in the US as a national holiday to recognize the accomplishments of a great man, and a movement that brought civil rights to millions of people. Join us in celebrating and commemorating the Civil Rights Movement.

Road Trip - Community Shares and Cares

After three days in Jubilee I am renewed and inspired. The pace, the vision, and the good works of this place activate the altruism that lies in everyone and give it direction. I am filled with awe and with questions, including how can I come back here for a longer visit.

Road Trip - Jubilee Partners

We have arrived at Jubilee Partners Farm, an intentional community focused on faith and social justice. Will lived here for 18 years, met his wife here, and raised his children. I am amazed by how life in this intentional community appears to be at once radical and ordinary.

Road Trip - Birmingham, Civil Rights and Martin Luther King

January 12, 2011. January 15th is Martin Luther King's birthday. What a perfect time for us to arrive in Birmingham and celebrate the collective altruism of the Civil Rights Movement and the inspiring leadership of Martin Luther King.

Road Trip - Memphis and Birmingham

January 11. I am in the heart of the civil rights movement in America. This is a place where memory of Martin Luther King inspires many, and a place alive with inspiration about how much can change when we work together for social justice.