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Road Trip - Birmingham, Civil Rights and Martin Luther King

January 12, 2011. January 15th is Martin Luther King's birthday. What a perfect time for us to arrive in Birmingham and celebrate the collective altruism of the Civil Rights Movement and the inspiring leadership of Martin Luther King.

Road Trip - Memphis and Birmingham

January 11. I am in the heart of the civil rights movement in America. This is a place where memory of Martin Luther King inspires many, and a place alive with inspiration about how much can change when we work together for social justice.

Road Trip - Snowed in!

Jan 10. Road trip update. There's one sure thing about all adventures - you never know what tomorrow will bring. Our travels have been stalled due to snow in Tennessee!

Road Trip - Koinonia Farms

January 8 - 2011. A thought-provoking visit to the historic, and yet newly emerging, Koinonia Farms. I idealized this place in my youth, and now I'm excited to be here, standing among the pecan trees, contemplating what inspires and sustains such communities.

Seeking Community Road Trip

January 7. Here we are at the very beginning of our week long, seeking community road trip. Our group includes me, the curious seeker; Will Winterfeld, my friend and community philosopher, and, for this leg of the journey, my spunky, inspirational 81-year-old mother-in-law.

A New Years Appeal

<p>For me seeking community is grasping the possibilities that lie within: the possibilities that lie within each of us to care and be cared for, and the immense possibilities for good that we can do when we work together on behalf of others to build a better world.Need your help...</p>

Al Etmanski

Three of the fastest growing movements in the world give me hope that I am not alone in wanting more community in my life and in the world. The slow food movement, Transition Towns and the simplicity movement.

Seeking Community - Follow Paul and Will on the Road

A good friend and amazing communitarian Will Winterfeld has invited me to go on a road trip with him to visit intentional communities in Memphis, Atlanta and Georgia. I’m going to blog often as we visit places where community seekers are working together for a better world. Follow my musings and adventures in my blogs, below.

Why am I seeking Part Five

It is important for me to reiterate here that I do not often feel lonely but rather alone with less community in my life than I would like.This alone feeling has three distinct elements to it.


An article I posted in Engage that further shares stories of my trip to Australia.