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Many Communities 2

I have long struggled to find an acceptable definition of community.I want to find a definition of community that allows me to embrace the moment, to experience it when I feel it. To embrace community as it is, in the now, how it is without judgment or comparing it to an ideal state.

Many Communities 3

After reading Derek Alton's blog - I would like to propose that the experience of community is a continuum, in other words a continuous series of experiences, which may or may not blend into each other.


About 40 people gathered last week in this really great neighborhood to discuss how we might grow better neighborhoods together. Three powerful ideas are in discussion.

Great Communities

The Globe and Mail asked readers to nominate the best communities in Canada... no one sent them messages about fancy houses or high-tech infrastructure, or places they are living out their comfortable lives in isolation.People who brag about their neighbourhoods today talk about a place where people know one another, where they are loved.

Much joy

This summer I am going to explore the relationship between joy and community and write about it as often as I can here at seeking community. Do join me – I would LOVE to hear your wisdom and experiences to help fuel my journey.

Seekers Journal - Apr 2011

This month’s Seekers Journal selections remind us that whether it’s about shifting giant infrastructures like economies, or reaching out for a friend, remembering that we are here, together, has a power that can change everything for the better.


Would you consider posting your photo onto your profile - this would make me so happy. Mainly because it seems to go so well with seeking community - to see the person behind the comment. If not tell us why - we would love to learn.

Seekers Journal - Mar 2011

The handpicked highlights for this month's Seekers Journal touch on the interconnected cycles of life and community – from birth and death, to a sense of belonging and recognizing the special role we each hold, to the layers of history in which we’re rooted, and to the wisdom in universal mysteries.

Coming Home

Could you ever feel at home where you did not feel welcome? More Than a Roof is, definitely, more than a roof. They provide shelter for people who were once homeless, and they do so with a difference. They take the word ‘community' seriously and work hard at building a sense of 'welcome' and 'home' back into peoples lives.

Finding Home

You know those quaint Newfoundland villages where there are a patchwork of colourful houses perched high on a cliff overlooking the sea? That was my experience of the cohousing community of WindSong. My visit there left me wanting more - more exploration and discussion about this way of living. I liked it.