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What is Community?

I am at times surprised by the definitions people have of community. In the community development world people will often say, are you defining community as a place or by association such as the disability community or...

Michael Moore- Walking, Community and Happy

"This unleashed a lively conversation about mood-aletering drugs, the lousy movies these days in theaters, the rip-off prices for 3D films, etc. Finally, someone wrote: 'Sometimes I think what I need is just a brisk walk.' I tweeted, 'Hey, there's an idea! I'm putting my shoes on right now...'"

Building Community During the Holidays

Here are some ideas to deliberately deepen and nurture your experience of community that you experience this holiday season.

For our children

Children are our future- especially when it comes to love and forgiveness.

Recognizing our Neighbours as an Essential Value

We are human - we can only love when we are together. We forgive because we are forgiven. Our neighbor is essential - central to the hope which sustains us.

The Pilgrimage of Love and Forgiveness

In this blog I will share some details about the Global Gathering for Love and Forgiveness - why it is happening and the miracle it hopes to achieve.

Healing yourself-but not alone

My learning on love and forgiveness this blog I interview Sister Helga at a 1000 year old hermitage about inner healing and the community process of care to support this.

Yes we can love

How is it that even when people hurt so much that they can still love? When we meet with all of our aboriginal peoples it is easy to see their pain but even easier to see their love. Love can heal - it can help us forgive.

Can a Community Forgive?

Inviting you all to join in with the conversation I've been having in Alberta about our Aboriginal people- how love and forgiveness have the potential to bring hope and change. This conversation will continue next week as I travel to Assissi for the Love and Forgiveness Conference. More to follow- stay tunned.

Chaotic times

I am finishing a book on finding connection in chaotic times. When you read the short write up below does it capture in short chaotic times. What would you add, how might you change it - even just a word or short phrase you might add would be vey helpful.