Much joy

Submitted by Paul Born on July 6, 2011 - 11:43am
My summer journey

It is so good to be home! How good you ask? So good that  I get this recurring feeling everyday as I crawl into bed with a great book... that I am at a cottage relaxing and letting go -  though it is the same bed with the same wife and in the same house I have been sleeping in/with for a very long time. It is summer I have stopped travelling and  giveing seminars and speaking engagements and my body is relaxing. Much joy indeed!

Summer, my neighbours say hi more often as we work in our gardens or play with our children in the front yard. I walk more and in turn see more people and am amazed by the beauty of the neighbourhood I live in. I am playing slow pitch this year with my oldest son on the same team and having a great time just hanging out with the guys. Marlene and I have been invited to 5 barbeque parties (3 with live bands) in the past two weekends alone so I see all my friends way more often. This weekend I and my youngest son and one of his closest friends (who just happen to be the son of one of my closest friends) are off to camp out for the weekend at Cape Croker on an aboriginal owned camp ground. Much joy!

To say I love summer is far too easy. I mean I LOVE summer and the heat and energy it brings with it. The sun, the activity, the neighbours, the friends and the parties all act as a perfect marriage for community and of course the joy that comes with it.

I recently came across a quote from Deepak Chopra, he shares “Our most natural state is joy. It is the foundation for love, compassion, healing and the desire to alleviate suffering.”  I get this in the summer as the natural state of joy for me comes so easily. I also get that when I experience joy, or just let it experience me I do love more, heal more and feel more compassion for both myself and others around me.

His last few word interests me a whole lot, “the desire to alleviating suffering”.  I feel this is my calling and as such take very seriously the idea of ending poverty and pain in the world. Though I think Deepak is saying something different here and in summer I get what I think he is saying. When we feel joy or are in the state of joy there is a natural outpouring of these amazing attributes.  When I am not feeling sorry for myself or the state of the world and can just experience the joy of being something magical happens. It is like a new energy arises within me, I feel better and my outlook on the world is strong and healthy. I care because I love and not because I want to change something. This joy evokes within me the desire for connection in order to spread the joy I feel within me. Much joy!

This summer I am going to explore the relationship between  joy and community. Do join me – I would LOVE to hear your wisdom and experiences to help fuel my journey.

Much joy


Paul! "I care because I love


"I care because I love and not because I want to change something". What a powerful statement. Sometimes the aggressive pushes we make to try and enact change result in blowbacks just as strong. The power we commit to fighting something comes back as a fight rather than flowing through as a successful attempt.

It's lovely to think of change more as a cycle, stemming from gratitude and joy rather than a struggle with dischord. I have just come from a beautiful yoga class that is based on the Anusara way of thought.  It is a practice that asks that we follow our hearts:

"It is simply to open our hearts with love to the present moment without clinging or pushing. Anusara is accepting the world and ourselves as we are, and then responding with love."

Responding with love, with compassion and grace is not always easy or received the way we hope but it's amazing to hear that others share the desire to change circumstances while exploring community strength, love and conversation. 

Is this an idealist way of thinking or do you (and anyone else reading this) think there is potential to make real and lasting change this way??




The joy literally oozes from the page of your reflection! And you have rightly linked joy with the requirement to spread it around and alleviate suffering.

Thank you,