Many Communities 4

Submitted by Paul Born on November 23, 2011 - 1:31pm
5 stages an example

The 5 stages of the continuum described:

 The stages described in many communites 1  should be considered part of a journey to community. Each stage is distinct and though one can flow into the other, the intent of this description is to help the reader to differentiate the different kinds of community in their lives.

 As a stage it could be considered as simply a way of describing the kind of community one feels at a given moment. It might also be considered as a phase that leads into the other stage and as such is part of journey toward the type of community one desires. In this way each phase is significant to the journey toward the kind of community you want in your life. A stage as biological definition might be a most helpful understanding here. A stage as such can be considered a period of development – a distinct period of development in the life of an organism - when it’s form is different from earlier or later periods (Encarta).

 Bill visited a community organization which really resonated with his values and he felt an immediate connection to the work and the people. He felt joy and a simple sense of belonging, having something in common with others. If Bill were touring various charities this “moment” of community can happen often but does not progress. As such Bill has experienced of community is a sense of feeling connected to people who have similar ideals to his own. The experience does not though intensify.

 Now if Bill visits this charity and because of his feeling of connection decides to become more involved by donating to the charity and over time becomes committed to volunteering with a specific group within the charity to live out his ideals he has made the choice to increase his experience of community. In this way moving from connected to involved to committed can each be seen as a stage in his development of community in his life.