Love, Fellowship, Community - Creating It So We Can All Live

Submitted by Paul Born on November 23, 2014 - 1:03pm
The Joy of Feeding Friends in Need

Last night a group of us gathered and we made up 250 enchilada's and shared these with 175 people living on or near the street.  We used a recipe I shared in an earlier blog post.  

The meal started with 2 kinds of soup made by our very own legendary chef - Dave Lobe a Stratford trained chef - he made a gourmet tomato soup with cheeses (tomatoes donated by local farmer) and then a sausage, green bean and potatoes soup. To die for!

The enchiladas were made from pork given to us by volunteers - a group of men who meet weekly to enjoy one another and make pork sausage and the like to be used by community groups.

The vegetarian option was an enchilada made from spinach - 4 kinds of beans and 2 kinds of cheese topped with sour cream and salsa.

Dessert was made by my life partner and her 84 year old mother. 14 beautiful deep chocolate cakes with wild blueberry sauce and ice cream. 

Served by an amazing community of love - nearly 30 volunteers. What joy! Not just the cooking and serving but the fellowship. We do this not to help or be helpful in the world - we do this because we are human and we can! Love, fellowship, community - creating it so we can all live. Finding joy together in chaotic times.