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Join us for our second June Gathering

Submitted by Paul Born on March 24, 2014 - 1:27pm
Community: Programs and Policies 2014

Community has a job to do,” says Peter Block, and it is up to us as caring and committed citizens to create the conditions for our communities to thrive. As a community leader I want to invite you to join John McKnight, Peter Block, Sherri Torjman, Vickie Cammack and Al Etmanski as we explore and create together the policies and programs that build up our communities.

Trust me when I say this might just be the most fun you will ever have at a conference.

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We are hosting this national gathering in a gorgeous park pavilion where we will eat locally sourced food, run workshops in gazebos, tour neighborhoods together, eat great barbeque, test cutting edge technology and listen to awesome music, all while engaging with some of the most important thought leaders on the topic of community today.

Community: Programs and Policies will welcome community-builders from a diversity of sectors throughout North America. Here you will find the inspiration, knowledge, programs and practices you need to cultivate the leadership to engage and mobilize citizens and then work with them to realize their shared hopes for the future. Together, we will explore the emerging patterns, innovative programs and policy priorities that are needed to establish a supportive environment for citizen-led, community change which can serve as a catalyst for system-wide innovation.

We will be joined by legendary author Peter Block who will invite us to define the essential role that communities – and neighbors – play in advancing positive social change. Peter has co-designed this gathering with us through countless conversations with me. Peter’s bestselling books: Community: The Structure of Belonging and Abundant Communities have served as inspirations to many of us and have been foundational in designing this Gathering.

Joining Peter Block is John McKnight, the world’s most recognized community-builder, who will reenact his epic interview that culminated in his book Community and its Counterfeits. Vickie Cammack, tech entrepreneur and social innovator is the founder of Tyze Personal Networks and is recognized as one of Canada’s most powerful women today; Sherri Torjman, Canada’s most prolific and important social policy visionary; Al Etmanski, author, advocate, and social entrepreneur who used the simple act of “caring” to transform the disability sector; and I, Paul Born, will share stories and insights from my just-released book Deepening Community to illustrate how the ideas of caring, empathy and shared responsibility can be translated into community action.

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If you have any other questions contact Rachel Brnjas. She is happy to answer any questions you might have.

Hoping you will join us as we learn and celebrate the joy, power and potential of community!

Incredibly Excited

I am really excited about this gathering Paul.  I have been a long time follower of John and Peter's writing and a distant admirer of Al's work.  I also have had the chance to read your new book and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

More importantly though I am exicted to conenct with all the like minded journiers who will be attending.  Some will be old friends who attended last year who I am looking forward to reconnecting with but I know there will be new faces as well.

See you soon!!