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Submitted by Paul Born on March 5, 2013 - 1:14pm
Tamarack’s 2012 Annual Report by Paul Born


Over the past 10 years Tamarack has grown to become a mature and active force for community change in Canada and beyond. We have built Canada’s largest learning community for collaborative leaders (more than 10,000 learners) and also the largest network of cities (39) who are working together to reduce poverty. More than 250,000 Canadians are less poor because of impact of this network.

 Building upon this solid foundation, in 2012 Tamarack took a dramatic turn. Going forward we will focus all of our attention on building learning communities for social change. We want to be deliberate about creating large scale change. We believe that when leaders learn together - building a common agenda and then sharing their insights, experiences and resources for social change with one another – we can accelerate the impact of this work. Tamarack’s role is to facilitate this co-generative process of learning and change. We will primarily do this through online and face-to-face learning activities.

 This month’s issue of Engage! is our 2012 Annual Report Edition.  In it we offer you an overview of our three distinct but inter-related Learning Communities. Each article includes a series of links that will enable you to go directly to specific places on our four Online Learning web sites to find more detailed information and enable you to further explore topics of particular interest and also provide us with feedback and ideas or share your own stories and thoughts about the work of this Institute.

 We are proud of Tamarack’s solid foundation and excited about what the future holds.  We welcome you to join us in building a connected force for social change.


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Let's celebrate!


Thanks for sharing these reflections. What a great opportunity to stop, reflect and rejoice for there is much to be thankful for! Tamarack has been doing great work which is made possible by all the people who support and believe in it- in fact, if you are reading this, you're supporting our pursuits to deepen community experiences everywhere- using this site as one of the many tools and ways to do this.

Thanks to all who have been/continue to be involved in our Tamarack journey!

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I agree Rachel, Tamarack has come a long way in the last decade and its important celebrate this.  We should add a like button to this online forum.  I want to like this post :)

I am excitied to see where Tamarack is going next and when we look back at this moment a decade from now what we will have accomplished.