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Cultural dances and Community

Paul Born
Paul Born and Mark Cabaj write about the community experience of the Kolomeyka, a Ukranian dance performed at parties and weddings. Make sure to check out the video!

Feeding our Loneliness

Paul Born
Paul Born discusses his involvement in the program Stirling Suppers and how people come to together monthly to enjoy one another, experience community, the joy of sharing a meal and an evening of conversation.

Addressing Loneliness

While we think about big ideas and systems change, people are always at the centre of what we do. And caring for one another is the fuel of the greatest force for community change.

Interesting take re: online communities

Paul Born
A new study says that social media doesn’t broaden our friend groups, no matter how popular we seem.

Weighty reflections as another Ramadan ends

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Recently, I was invited by my friend Engin Sezen of the Intercultural Dialogue Institute to join him and his community in celebrating Iftar — the evening meal Muslims engage in to break their daily fast and celebrate Ramadan. After the meal I was full, not only of great Turkish food, but also energized with ideas that I had not explored before.

Neighbors Deepening Community

This beautiful 4 minute rap video entitled Neighbours Deepening Community was commissioned specifically for the Re-imaging Cities ~ Re-Engaging Citizens the 2015 Neighbours: Policies & Programs Gathering in Hamilton Ontario.

Parable of the Earth Science Teacher and the Glass Jar

People often ask us, what does it mean to deepen community? Why is it important for us to talk about it? How can we explain this complex idea, which is, in fact, such an ordinary thing that many of us take for granted or fail to intentionally build? We are reminded of the Parable of the Earth Science Teacher and the Glass Jar.

The Role of the Citizen

From trips to the emergency room, to public safety, to parks and recreation- we all pay the price when we don’t take care of one another and work together to build a sense of community.

Conversations, Community and Grace

Excerpts from a Carleton University students blog in response to a guest lecture from Paul Born and his book "Community Conversation"

Love, Fellowship, Community - Creating It So We Can All Live

Celebrating and acknowledging the joy that comes from working together to take care of others.