Talking about Community

Submitted by obriend on December 8, 2012 - 12:15pm
A conversation with Derek and Patrick :)


I'm going to try to make this brief... Honestly I will.

Please note that I am bad with my words and I am using Natural and Unnatural in a very loosey goosey manner.  

  We'll start with the idea of a naturally formed community and then (if there is space) move to a unnatural community.

  In our discussion we were asked what community means to us and the general consensus was very simple; community is a sense of selflessness and generosity towards others.  It is often realised in the aftermath of a disaster.  Ironically, selfish attitudes are also drawn out of a disaster so it makes for an interesting play of opposites.  What is important to note though is the natural, bred in bone feel that both of these traits carry.  This is what I feel a Natural community is like.


  The unnatural community is one where a group of random people are forced to work together for a common cause that doesn't quite revolve around simple survival.  In our world, that's basically money.  A good example is when people go to work up north and are completely isolated from the outside world.  They (like some of the old experiments with certain species of monkeys) are from all walks of life, have no alternative community to "run-to" when they have frustrations, and are usually together for quite awhile.  This I believe is where we can find the true nature of the individual.  How they react in these circumstances can be a very good guage for their personality.  It takes a great deal of generousity, selflessness, compromise, and patience to make one of these communities work.  It may be prudent to give these little temporary communities a look over when we try to sort out our own predicaments in the world.

  At least that's what I think in a very brief very uneducated nut-shell.