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How Not to Be Alone

A COUPLE of weeks ago, I saw a stranger crying in public. I was in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood, waiting to meet a friend for breakfast. I arrived at the restaurant a few minutes early and was sitting on the bench outside,...

Conversations about community will swap insights, stories and more

A thousand conversations about community: That’s the objective of a campaign that was launched recently.

The Community Master Mind

We know that communities help make individuals better. In my readings I came across the article below. This article looks at the concept of the master mind. The idea that collectivly we are more then the sum of our parts and it shows using historical examples how master mind groups have been behind many key historic figures.

Jeremy Rifkin - Empathic Civilization

Are we ultimately selfish or is there more to humanity? Learn about the evolution an role of empathy within humanity through the research and writing of Jeremy Rifkin