Belonging: Inspiring Community

Submitted by The New Story Group on November 11, 2013 - 11:00am
Toward a Belonging Lens

The Belonging Conversations being held in Waterloo Region in the fall of 2013 are creating a rich set of insights on belonging and inclusion. The attached New Story Group Newsletter highlights some of the themes from the October conversation. Foremost among the themes is the importance of recognizing the gifts of each person. Also, hospitality and invitation are seen as critical to enhancing a sense of belonging. The Belonging Convesations are also exploring ways that Waterloo Region can become a more welcoming and inclusive community. In future conversations, this will include exploring ways that 'connecting' initiatives can be enhanced and how neighbourhoods can be strengthened. John Lord, Waterloo researcher and author, presented a Belonging Lens, which is also attached here. It captures the key elements for building a community of belonging and the leadership strategies that can enhance belonging.

The New Story Group welcomes reflections on our inclusion and belonging work.

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Thanks for sharing!

Hi John,

Really enjoyed the first event- looking forward to continuing the conversation...