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What that just might mean to me and those I work with

Having been recently hired for a year's contract, it's both exciting and nerve-wrecking to imagine where this journey might take me and who I might meet and how we may travel together. 

"The goal of the project is to increase those supported by EAFWR's sense of citizenship, the amount of informal supports they receive from neighbours, and to help build longer term friendships than those typically built in tranditional programs and services."

My first steps: what is already happening in community? Who already buys into this? How can they help? 

As I sit in this uncertainty, I trust the process and know that if I keep the focus on what gifts and talents already exisit in those we are focusing on, and those in the community at large, I can't get too far off track.

- Kimberley

Food, babies and green spaces

What a wonderful task- thanks for sharing it with us, Kimberley!

Here are some elements that can't help but create a sense of connection amongst people: food, babies and green spaces. Great converation, laughter and story-telling often comes when folks gathering together over a meal. As I often travel on the bus, when folks come on with a stroller and baby who coos and engages with other riders, the modd shifts- people look smile and laugh. They feel more at ease to connect with other in the presence of child who provides that bridge. Finally, parks and green spaces, especially in spring/summer, are places where people are playing sports and games, painting outside, going for walks- it's a brilliant space that nourishes community and provides more opportunities for connection.

All the best in your quest- keep us posted!

Three of my favorites!


You are so right!!! I am at my happiest when doing any combination of the above three noted activities! I often joke that there would be world peace if everyone everywhere had to hold a sleeping baby every day!

But seriously, Rachel, I think you hit on some very elemental core concepts there. What holds our past, present and future together more than story telling? It is in our wee babes and the gorgeous green earth that our future lie. I will be sure to include these elements in all planning.



Thank you for this post, Kimberley!

Thank you for this post, Kimberley!

Has Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region (EAFWR) already connected with The New Story Group? I'm sure there's a lot going on 'out there' that would be helpful for you to tap into :)

Thanks for posting


I was so pleased when I came on and saw some folks had offered some tips! Thank you!


EAF does have a presence on the New Story Group (our ED!), and I think they even meet here sometimes. I approached John Lord after sitting in a small presentation he offered and I want to get more connected to this group! 


Happy Friday!

More Ideas

Yes The New Story Group would be a great group to connect with.  John Lord in particular would be a huge supporter.

Also another good person to connect with is Trudy at the KW Social Planning Council.  I beleive the Crime Prevention Council is also playing in this space.

Great contacts


Thanks so much for your input! I have connected to John Lord but have not yet reached out to Trudy. I will do so! Thank you!