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Three Pillars for Action: Waterloo's Proposed Neighbourhood Strategy

Read the City of Waterloo's recently approved draft neighbourhood strategy, as well as a scan of other Canadian municipalities who are also leading neighbourhood development initiatives.

Recording Online: Taking Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) to Every Neighbourhood

Join Howard Lawrence, Chantile Shannon, Deanne Patsula and Karen Wilk to take in lessons from Edmonton on applying Asset-Based Community Development at the neighbourhood-level.

Recording Online: Asset-Based Community Development - Lessons From Across the World

In this webinar with Cormac Russell, a leading trainer of ABCD, he will help you to move from principles to practice using lessons learned from ABCD sites across the world.

Recording Online: From Needs to Assets - A New Approach to Community Building

In this recording, John McKnight and Paul Born cover the basic principles and practices of an asset-based community development approach (ABCD), as well as key factors for implementing an ABCD strategy.

Neighbourhood-Based Strategies for Poverty Reduction - The Baltimore Approach

This hour-long session provides insight on key insights from Baltimore's neighbourhood organizers, on engaging low-income families to take leadership and make decisions.

Studying Models for Neighbourhood-Based Poverty Reduction Strategies

This fall we are studying Neighbourhood-Based Strategies that Reduce Poverty. Over the course of three webinars, we are working with our partners to understand various models of place-based poverty reduction strategies that are identifying assets in targeted neighbourhoods, and building individual and community capacity.