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New Community Farm Coming

A friend had an idea that lit a spark in more and more people. Now, 18 months later we have 8 acres,community partners, volunteer farmers and a start-up grant! We're ready to plant.

Party Hosts

Parties can be a great way to build community when the invitation is quite open and the parties are happen regularly enough.

Homemade museum

What are examples of ways to build community with children? Agree to let your kids set up a museum in a room of your house.

Boring AGMs

Got any ideas to share on how to make big meetings attractive and fun to neighbours?

Too much trampoline?

The neighbours put up a trampoline and said we could come jump anytime. I know kids can have too much "screen time" in a day but is it possible to have too much trampoline time with neighbour friends? As parents should be be engaging our kids more rather then letting them hang out with friends all evening?

Grand Porch Party

Strolling the neighbourhood as music spills out of porches.

Bids for Connection Across the Fence

How do neighbours make bids to connect with each other?

When the Lights Go Out

The electricity went off yesterday in February - in Canada. What if it hadn't come on for a few days? Would my neighbours and I know how to stay warm and fed?

What is community when it hurts?

I've been on the receiving end of small acts of care this week and I'm learning a lot.

We're doing it!

How do we start a neighbourhood association? With fun! We've got fun events lined up for the next few months. Will people show up? Will we get deeper than "Hi!"? What works in your neighbourhood?