Party Hosts

Submitted by Nastinia Bailey on February 1, 2013 - 7:56pm
Noticing the neighbours who are building community through hosting annual parties


As I've lived in this neighbourhood almost 10 years and I'm now out of the "baby bubble" of those early years of parenting I'm noticing a healthy pattern of annual parties happening here. As an introvert I do not love large noisy gatherings but I make myself go to these parties because I always walk home smiling from at least a few good connections with people who I had not seen since the last party.

Maybe they happen in your neighbourhood too, there's one family that always hosts the Halloween Party, three different households host a Winter Solstice Party, one a Robbie Burns Scotch Party each end of January and... one that does a whole-family New Year's Eve Party one that does a Christmas Open House. It's a gift the household gives to the community. Now, not everybody is invited but the email or FB  invitation is usually something like: "Hey, our solstice party is Dec 20 this year! Tell your friends and come on over!" It does tend to be a demographic of people in their 30s and 40s (and their children). So I recognize that this does not build community for everyone in the hood but it is a really healthy pattern that I'm thankful for and enjoy (once I force myself to put down my book and leave the house).

Now, you notice that I did not say that I host such a party. I do not. I could use the excuse that my house is not big enough but the other houses are not usually any bigger (just pack em in!). I prefer smaller events where I can leave when I want to so why would I host a big gathering where I can't escape?! It's not one of my gifts/assets I give to my community so I'm especially thankful of those who do.


Sharing our gifts

Hi Nina,

I'm so glad that such fun things take place in your neighborhood- and that most people can be included to come and join in on the fun!

I also like that you asserted that it is not within your comfort level/gifting to host the parties yourself- that is someone else's gift and you are grateful for it! I think that a community can be co complimentary when we really to focus on our gifts, whatever they may be, and allow this to guide our giving and engagement with our neighborhood/various other communities.

Something I feel you have gifted your community with is your food initiative. I'm sure fellow seekers would love to hear about this if you feel inspired to write another blog sometime soon :)

One lady in our neighbourhood

One lady in our neighbourhood did something a couple of years ago- I have forgotten the details but she left an annonymous note on our door- it was near Halloween, I think, so maybe Halloween related- but if you received the note you had to then pass it on to 2 other neighbours and you had to leave the note on your door so no one else did you again. Maybe she left a little gift? Anyway I thought this was a fun thing & you wouldn't have to  have everyone over.  One year we encouraged everyone on our block to put a bag with sand & candle out on curb christmas eve.- we left a note with a bag, sand & votive at each door.

Fun ideas!

Hi Michelle,

These are really neat ideas! Especially love the imagery of the candles- has this become a tradition?