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Homemade museum

Submitted by Nastinia Bailey on November 22, 2012 - 8:13pm
Building community with children


Rachel asked for examples of how others build community with their families/children. An example from this summer begs to be shared. On a family trip to the Collingwood area we visited a museum that was not shiny, not high-tech, not high-budget, or even interactive. It was an old church camp turned into a black history museum.

This humble museum (which is worth visiting) inspired our kids to make their own museum. They said "I can do an exhibit like that." So the two older ones (10 and 7) helped the 5yr old make exhibits. There were exhibits on tigers, edible plants in the back yard, the Haudenasounee Nation, peace, polar bears and lots of art.

We agreed on a date and time about two weeks away (3-5pm on a Wed). As the day approached, we realized we needed an extension (summer is so distracting!). So we postponed it a week, emailed friends and neighbours to come and then (key piece here) the man of the house made brownies. About 18 neighbours came including cousins who visited with three puppies which everyone snuggled in the backyard. All ooohed and ahhed over the exhibits and then hung around to enjoy the brownies, puppies and company. It was so fun we hope to do it again but only if the kids are excited about it. I refuse to nag someone to work on their museum project.