Boring AGMs

Submitted by Nastinia Bailey on November 6, 2012 - 6:47pm
Ideas for creating fun neighbourhood meetings?

We have our first neighbourhood association AGM coming up next week. AGMs have a reputation of being soooo boring. I'm wondering if we can make this one fun. We're starting with a potluck so that's a good start but will anyone want to stay for the meeting part? If we promise to keep it to half an hour I think we'll have willing participants.

Any ideas how to create fun large neighbourhood meetings? (In a church gym.) We need to nominate new board members and talk about the culture survey our city is doing.


some ideas

Good question Nastinia, here are some quick thoughts and idea's that might help.

Do the meet of the AGM after people have grabbed their food and while they are eating.  This way it gives them something to do while they are eating, and since they are eating, they will be more likely to focus on what you are saying instead of figiting or leaving.

Get people to tell their storie, people like to hear stories.  The best AGM's I have gone to are the ones where its not just budgets and boring procedure, it is exciting and more personal.  It also highlights the actions of what your community is doing.


A poverty group in Toronto did an excercise where they invited people to share their vision of an ideal Canada.  This excercise proved to be very impactful.  You could do something similar focusing specifically on your neighbourhood.  Invite people to share, in groups what their ideal neighbourhood looks like and then have each group share a summary with everyone.

Make it Visual/Interactive!

Hi Nina,

This is a great question to put out there- I'm sure our seekers will have some good ideas.

I came accross this book: Visual Meetings: How graphics, sticky notes, and idea mapping can transform group productivity.

Also, this one has a bunch of fun and easy ice breakers/quick activities to energize people: Quick Meeting Openers for Busy Managers.

A few of these things could be tried-out next week... it will be something to get better at over time :)