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Building Community at Church

What happens when Paul launches six weeks of focussing on community-building at our church?

Figuring out how to host community suppers at the church

The community suppers have had a great response and great energy but how do we sustain them?

The awkwardness of hospitality

Often building community and being hospitable can feel really awkward. Is this a sign I'm doing something wrong - or right??

Nurturing community by making music together

Sometimes nurturing community can mean risking a little awkwardness by singing together after supper.

What do we do with a community farm that can't grow vegetables?

What does a community farm do when the soil is too depleted to grow vegetables?

Johnny Appleseed and us

How changing the words of a song can change how community feels.

No jumpy castles or dunk tanks allowed

Now jumpy castles and dunk tanks are not allowed?? Learning how to work around insurance red tape.

Neighbours in a Disaster

What happens with a storm hits and the electricity goes out?

Why do neighbourhood organizations exist?

I found a good reason to have neighbourhood associatons!

Do good neighbours have to be extroverts?

Can I be a good neighbour if I'm introverted? All the active and engaged neighbours I can think of are extroverted. How do introverts seek and make community?