Stories that Keep Us Going

Submitted by Michelle on January 6, 2012 - 11:43am

There is a lady who started coming to our centre years ago and this Fall asked about giving back to the centre. We talked about what her hobbies, talents & dreams are and found that she is an art major. So she is now running an art class at our centre, facepainting for special events and has just started writing amazing children's books! In December she approached me about concern for people in our community who are nannies and will spend the holidays away from their families. This is what she wrote to them- (it included an illustration of an adult & child walking hand & hand that she drew) Each was rolled & tied with a bow and given to the nannies.  (This poem is her property and not to be copied to other sites please)

I remember your face 

The first day that you came 

You took me in your arms 

And said “everything will be ok.” 

I’ll take care of you 

I’ll give you all my love 

I’ll keep you company

I’ll teach you how to walk

Since that very first day

You’ve been here by my side

Holding my hand wherever I go

Sheltering my dreams, my hopes and my life

You run to help me when I cry

You hug me when I am sad

You teach me how to play

And when I fall down you stand me up

I’ll never know very well how

I could ever pay you back

For leaving somewhere else all what you deeply love

To come here and become my second mom.

By J.C Carrasco