Neighbourhood Debriefing Conversation

Submitted by mcnarine on July 22, 2013 - 8:58pm
Narine's musings on community

I think it is important for me to be in my particular neighbourhood because I see it as a two way street, meaning that I have a lot of fresh ideas to contribute to my neighbourhood to make it a more vibrant community.  But also it is a neighbourhood where I can learn and grow and become a better person myself, because my Williamsburg neighbourhood has a lot of opportunities for growth.

The greatest memory I have from this neighbourhood is the process of watching my house being built.  I remember a few years ago I used to drive by twice daily just to see the progress of my house.  And having experienced all of that I feel very connected not necessarily with my home but all the neighbours because I was able to experience how polite people are in my neighbourhood.

To me, a healthy neighbourhood is a place where it makes sense for people to give it their all in terms of their time, energy and money as well.  It is also where neighbours have the ability to successfully manage the day-to-day matters in the neighbourhood, and where neighbours feel confident in their investment and the future of the neighbourhood.  Another key point for a healthy neighbourhood is where people can grow their strengths and become stronger community leaders. 

My neighbourhood is important to me because I get to be myself and I feel very safe.  In other words I can leave my house and do not have to worry about any sort of break and enter; I can step in and out without any fear.  I also like the fact that that it is urbanely oriented where I have everything I need at walking distance, including grade school for my daughter.  My neighbourhood actually allows me to have a balanced lifestyle.

I experience community in my neighbourhood anytime I step out of my home and having a conversation with any other person, whether that be neighbours who are already living here or even people who are  visiting my neighbourhood.   Because of me being extremely community oriented I think it is very important to be very conscious with the people around me.  What I mean by this is that if someone visits the neighbourhood, because they are prospecting to buy a house, then it is very importantly for me  to take the initiate to make sure that those individuals feel very welcome and comfortable so that if they so choose to buy a house and to settle here, then I feel obligated to  make sure that the are able to integrate very smoothly with little or no stress at all.


I can easily deepen my feeling of connection in my neighbourhood by taking a leadership role to make things happen.  For example with my annual Caribbean Dreams concerts, a cultural performing arts show that allows me to feel that connection with my neighbourhood, because I get to see other members in the community maximizing their potential and showing off their artistic talent.  But most importantly I get to see youths grow up to become champions in my neighbourhood.

Sounds Vibrant!

Thaks for sharing a reflection on your neighbourhood- how neat!

What ways do you have fun as neighbourhood? Can you elaborate a little more on the Carribbean Dreams concert?

Hello Rachel, the nice thing

Hello Rachel, the nice thing about my neighbourhood is that it is very diverse which is what makes it beautiful and fun because we all bring something different to our neighbhourhood.  And with regards to the Caribean Dreams Concert, it is a performing arts event where people from all walks of life get the chance to experience and be part of an event where new and young talents get the chance to showcase their talents.  And at the same time it acts as as opportunity to break some of our barriers between our differences.  I hope this helps.

How does your neighbouhood bring Balance?

Hi Narine, thank you for sharing your thoughts on community.  I would love to learn more about your experince seeing your house being built. 

In particular though I was intrigued by your comment about how your neighbourhood helps bring balance to your life.  What do you mean by this?  How can we foster neighbourhoods that build balance in our lives?

Hello Derek, I guess the

Hello Derek, I guess the interesting part of getting my own house built is that I get to make it my own, meaning you get to choose the colours and styles and so on.  However the very interesting part for me is that while the house is being built it gave me the opportunity to showly integrate into the nieghbourhood, so by the time I moved in I was not a "stranger" :).

In terms of having a balanced life style, I guess what I am trying to say is that I have chosen to live my life that way, meaning that I work, continue my school, spend time with my family and most importantly keeping an aware as to what and who are around me so I do not feel that I am alone, but more so knowing that I am surrounded by other families that make up my neibhourhood.  I hope this helps Derek.