Why seek community?

Submitted by Lorna Aberdein on May 12, 2013 - 9:19pm

This is my very first time blogging anywhere. Hmmm, we'll see how it goes...

I can think of a number of reasons for seeking community. One of the most important one for me is the warmth and fellowship that being in community with others brings. Since we are social creatures, how can we not seek community? My belief that all belong in community is another reason to seek it, not just for myself but for my family, including my daughter who lives with a disability, for the people I work with in my role as Networks Coordinator, and for other members of our community who can benefit from being in relationship with people of differing abilities, gifts, interests, etc.

In seeking community, we will find people who can help us and who we can help in return. We can capitalize on each other's strengths. And I believe our neighbourhoods will be safer when we we are in community with each other. 

Do you have a story?

Hi Lorna,

Thanks so much for sharing! I absolutely agre with all that you have listed. We are certainly wired to live, share, grow, respond... within community.

Do you have a memorable experience of community that causes to you be so passionate about it?