Parkdale Community Land Trust

Submitted by LOFCNetwork on March 12, 2013 - 10:43am

On April 3rd, 2012, the first community meeting for the “Parkdale Community Land Trust” brought together a wide range of participants: Parkdale residents, academic, city staff, community advocates, researchers and other passionate individuals. The meeting was to ‘kick start’ a community dialogue to envision, discuss and plan an alternative strategy and possibilities for action regarding food security.

The meeting began with introduction from PARC’s Executive Director, Victor Willis. Victor put the event in a broader context of ongoing community planning efforts in Parkdale, particularly addressing food insecurity.

To read more, visit the Parkdale People’s Economy Project.

Bringing food into the conversation

Thanks so much for sharing this intiative with us!

For folks who don't know too much about food security... where do they begin? Also, how do you see these system as a way to deepen community connections?


Where to begin?

Great question and thanks for the reply.  Food is all about community - is there anything more connecting than a meal? There are a million and one ways to start looking into food security.  Ryerson's Centre for Studies in Food Security is a helpful resource and a good way to get started if you're looking for something Ontario-centric.  I'd actually highly recommend checking out Food Secure Canada and international resources available through organizations like Grain and La Via Campesina.