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Belonging Counts!

It is not about our individual programs, services, businesses and sales, but about the things we have in common. It is about coming to agreement about the hopes and fears that we have for our communities, our families and ourselves...

Just Connect

I had the opportunity recently to facilitate a day-long workshop with members of various churches across the Anglican Diocese of Niagara in Burlington, Ontario.

A City with a Vibe

Just walking and riding the various buses and trams that circle the city, you get a sense of the importance of place, neighbourhoods and design that pervade this city.

Perspectives on Being Accountable

Bassam Tarazi has just published a thought-provoking E-Book called The Accountability Effect. It has given me pause for thought about to whom and how I am accountable.

Are we all weird?

How are you connected in the world. Author Seth Godin explores the contradictions of mass marketing in a highly individualized world.