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Community-Campus Partnerships

Universities and Colleges in Canada are rich in resources that are often in short supply in the community sector: Knowledge, research capacity, and the energy and enthusiasm of students. So how can we mobilize this potential on behalf of our communities?

John McKnight at Community: Programs and Policies 2014

When Paul Born asked John McKnight what his parents would say about community if they were still alive today, John suggested “Ain’t much left…”.

Peter Block at Community: Programs and Policies 2014

The author of Stewardship: Choosing Service Over Self Interest (1993) and Community: The Structure of Belonging (2008) puts in a virtual and virtuoso appearance in Kitchener-Waterloo...

Sherri Torjman at Community: Programs and Policies 2014

We are deeply privileged to have Sherri, not only here in person, which is a gift, but here in this country. I don’t know how she does it, moving easily from deep economic analysis to the human side of policy development. (from Paul Born’s introduction)

Vickie Cammack at Community: Programs and Policies 2014

As the Founder and CEO of Tyze Personal Networks, Vickie is a recognized Canadian source of inspiration and demonstrable solutions related to social networks, social innovation, citizenship and disability.

Al Etmanski at Community: Programs and Policies 2014

Al Etmanski wraps up Community: Programs and Policies 2014 with Imagination, Moral Oxygen, and the story of the Spirit Canoe.

Video Interviews from Community: Programs and Policies 2014

Larry Gemmel and Will Snyder interviewed speakers and participants at the recent Community: Programs and Policies gathering in Kitchener-Waterloo and clips are now available on Tamarack's YouTube channel.

Seeking Community in Kitchener-Waterloo

Community has a Job to Do is the theme of this year’s Community: Programs and Policies event, which has brought together more than 150 participants for a serious look at how we need to re-frame the conversation about community.