Who Needs Feminism?

Submitted by Anonymous on January 30, 2013 - 10:14am
Why I think feminism needs to be redefined

Thank you for the share Lauren : )

In my last post I started with the definition of feminism.  It is a definition I have struggled with since first being really introduced to the term feminism in University.  The impact of feminism on society is immense and can be felt in basically every feild of study from feminist philosophy to feminist biology.  And this new way of thinking and approaching things has definitely advanced all these feilds and opened new ways of thinking and living.

The term feminism stays true to its roots in the womens suffrage movement, in recent decades though, feminist thought has been used to tackle many issues well beyond simply "women's issues."  It is at the core of everything from the environmental movement to the poverty movement. 

In current society the revise dfinition I would argue is:

The advocacy of rights for all (people, societies, environment) on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality.

WIth this new definition, I find the terms feminism to be restrictive and I would advocate for a new term.  What that term is I have no idea.

What are your thoughts Lauren?

Interesting thoughts, Derek.

Interesting thoughts, Derek. I would agree that the impact of feminism in society is immense, and can be felt across disciplines. However I think that to revise the term at this particular moment in society risks jeopardizing all of the important work feminists have done over the past many years, and suggests that the work of the feminist movement is complete. I too agree that the advocacy of all people, not only women, is important. But, I also think that a term such as feminism gives space to focus on specific issues of inequality and imbalances of power in society, which are still very prevalent in society.  In other words, why replace the term? Perhaps your interest in a new all-encompassing term and feminism are not mutually exclusive. What do you think? 


We still need feminism!


Thanks for your response. I think it is really important to have dialogue surrounding feminism. I would have to disagree with your current societal revised definition. The term feminism I believe is aimed at defining, establishing and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women. The term feminism is exploring an inequality, specifically women's inequality. Women still experience daily inequality, from inappropriate comments, to airtime in a conversation, to anything you see in media, to work place and so much more. I think the "advocacy of rights for all (people, societies, environment) on the grounds of political, social and economic equality" is a great term, and part of it does apply to feminism. But why the need to find a new term? Doesn't that undermine the fact that we still need feminism as you saw in the art campaign that I posted. 

Why I need feminism

Define Feminism:

The advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

Why I need feminism:

Because we individually, in our communities and in society as a whole are better off (happiness, health, standard of living) when there is political, social and economic equality for all.