The First Annual Hohner Porch Party

Submitted by Anonymous on May 29, 2013 - 12:35pm
Having fun with neighbours

After months of planning, the anticipated May 25th Hohner Avenue Porch Party had arrived. Bringing together many neighbourhood and KW artists, along with people from the neighbourhood and beyond to enjoy music, kids activities and the beautiful Central Frederick area. The street was closed to traffic from 3 – 7PM for the event and welcomed one and all to the first annual Hohner Porch Party inspired by the great Central Frederick Neighbourhood Association (CNFA).

My housemates and I moved into a house on Hohner Ave in the Fall. Our intention behind living together was to explore what it means to live communally and find meaningful work together. As well as finding new and creative ways to connect and create relationships with our neighbours. So naturally when we caught wind of this awesome event, we tried to plug in where we could, which included going door to door to get consent from every resident on Hohner Ave to close down our street for 4 hours on Saturday May 25th (That was an interesting way to meet your neighbours). We also helped plan a kid’s zone, having worked together for a number of years in a summer camp setting, this was right up our alley. We even dreamed BIG and thought that it would be fun to have grass on our street where people could sit and enjoy the music. Somehow we made that happen and had sod on our street which looked pretty funny but was enjoyed by all ages. It was really cool to see everyone come together for this event. Over 700 people in one place coming together for one common purpose was truly amazing. People on their own accord brought out their chairs and games from their homes. The kids took ownership of their street, biking around looking so proud to show people around. It was really incredible to watch the space in which I call home transform into a place where everyone was welcomed and encouraged to contribute, be creative and share their gifts with one another.

  *Exhausted from a long eventful day.

Love it!

This sounded like amazing event- thanks for sharing, Lauren!