What can we expect?

Submitted by laurastavro on June 17, 2011 - 9:36am
In troubled times what can we expect from our communities or our governments?

Times of change are exciting - a new job, new home or new relationship can bring the rest of life in to focus and make clear priorities, blessings and friendships that may have gotten lost in the shuffle of day to day life. At the moment I'm in a great state of flux with a new job on the horizon and a move in the works. It's amazing and I'm filled with a familiar sense of nervous anticipation.

Unfortunately there is also the flip side of less positive change, recently one of my siblings was diagnosed with cancer and, while it is a very positive prognosis, it has put many things int perspective. I am so fortunate to have a strong and loving family and together we are able to provide support for my sister and her family but it has also helped me to realise that some friends who I thought I could rely on are less available, less interested than I would have expected. It has also driven me to question the universal health care system that I have valued so much at other times in my life, I expected more...

And there is the key concept - expectations.....

As a person who prides herself on supporting friends and family in both good and bad times I have learned time and again that what we expect from ourselves we cannot necessarily expect from others. This goes for personal relationships, for community ties and even for government or other overarching systems that impact our lives.

So what I would ask you is this - What should we be expecting from our communities? What should we expect from our government? Is it realistic to expect support when times are tough or should one take care of one's self and allow any contribution from outside to be a happy surprise?

I'd love to hear what you think....

Happy weekend!



every day

Laura - so sorry to hear about the cancer. This is a long and painful but also meaningful journey. I find when something that major happens to me my expectations rise exponetionally. Maybe it is just that the expearince is so intense and painful that all my senses are heightened. I somehow people shoul dknow about my pain and feel it with me and all those in my care shoul do the same.

I wonder as you move through this journey if he moments of joy and connection will happen more often as people process what they feel and are able to connect in a meanigful way. I wonder if the sytem as well will repsond as it does when the diagnosis and treatment path is clearer.

my expearience is people do and will care  - or is that just my hope?

Thank you for the kind words

Thank you for the kind words Paul. People do care - definitely. Over the past several weeks my sister and her family have seen an outpouring of love, caring and compassion. I think you are right however that intense feelings and the C word can spark fear in people that perhaps drive them to act in ways that are inconsistent with their characters. There have, however, been beautiful moments of connection and I have seen my sister actually care for herself - both have been incredibly valuable. The health care system itself is also responding as well as it can but it does little to assauge my fear for the future as more demands are placed on it.

I wonder if there are community solutions that can help those making use of the system whether it be for physical comfort, ease of treatment or other support.....



Laura - a very good frined Vickie Cammack has set up a new web site called Tyze  - you can reach it by going to www.tyze.com that allows us to build a circle of support around someone we care about - that way as people visit or hear something they can go to a secure place for family and frineds and post it - that way people can stay in touch and simple request can become community events - like i so wish i had a popsicle today - someone is on route and says - hey i can do that and goes aqnd oicks it up - just simple stuff but also profound stuff - updates etc.

go check it out.