Synchronised Commuting...

Submitted by laurastavro on May 12, 2011 - 3:47pm

So I've recently started cycling to my office. It's part of my  be-healthy-help-the-environment-save-on-TTC-fare plan. It's working well so far. Not only am I able to appreciate the different neighbourhoods that I pass through as I roll around the city but I also have the opportunity to pass along smiles and feel a part of something larger. 

On Tuesday, for example, I was heading across College and realised I was suddenly part of a pack. We, the cyclists, were moving as one long string along the side of the road. There was no aggression or competition just a bunch of people moving along at their own paces in a shared space. It was fantastic! 

It's difficult to think of another situation in which people slip so easily into a communal rhythm. We were heading different places, at different speeds but we were all in it together.

Lucky us...



ps - It also started a conversation in my office with two colleagues that I'd never met before - bonus!

The sign of a great story is

The sign of a great story is when the reader can picture in absolute detail your telling of it.  Thanks for bringing a great sight to my mind today!