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They say it takes a village to raise a child....

Can we help our children have a fun and fulfilling present by looking back to our playful pasts?

In the wake of the London riots

A feeling of connection to space and people is an essential part of community, in this bloggers mind that is often missing in London - Community solutions are already cleaning up the damage, could they prevent future unrest?

What can we expect?

In times of both happy and unhappy change what is reasonable to expect from friends, family, community and bigger systems like government or the health care system?

Synchronised Commuting...

So I've recently started cycling to my office. It's part of my be-healthy-help-the-environment-save-on-TTC-fare plan. It's working well so far. Not only am I able to appreciate the different neighbourhoods that I pass through as I roll around the city but I also have the opportunity to pass along smiles and feel a part of something larger.

"We are all trying to approximate the truth of our own community..."

I recently found a video of poet Chris Abani speaking and in it he laments the description of Africa and the ignorance of people about the continent, its countries and communities. Of course, he also notes that when students asked him to tell them about Africa, he immediately went to google!

Courage - to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart

Brene Brown, a researcher-storyteller, gave this TED talk and, to me, it is a beautiful portrait of humanity and the struggle for connection and with vulnerability.

Busy, busy, busy!

Work, life, friends, family and taxes - how can we fit it all in? Is community time about quality or quantity?

The Solitary Traveller

When does caring for oneself equal caring for everyone?


Urban life means sharing spaces, whether it be hallways or front yards or streets. I've been so lucky here in Toronto to find a building filled with friendly faces and kind conversation....

Feed a fever, starve a cold?

My first post happens to fall on the day that I'm out with an awful flu - it reminds me of being little and the differences now that I'm big.