Community Conversations

Submitted by KES Community D... on November 22, 2013 - 9:32am
Determining a Common Goal
Good day!
We have just started an initiative called Community Conversations, which is an organic process of inviting residents of all positions, races and sectors to come together and create a common goal. 
These conversations are centering on two main questions:

  1. If all things were possible, what would you see in our region?
2. What assets do we currently have in our region?
Once we've got enough data, we'll have all the participants in for two more gatherings to determine what theme/cluster to focus on as a community, then choose a common goal within that theme/cluster. 
We are facilitating this very exciting process and will make sure implementation and action take place once a common-goal has been reached by the community. This will create new relationships, understandings and more community spirit to our area. The first stone in creating a large ripple effect! 
Learning Together

This is fantastic Eden.  We are excited to hear and learn more about what comes out of these conversations.  There will be a bunch of different community conversation initiatives happening across BC over the next year.  If you are interested we can connect you with the local champions so you can be part of the collective learning that is emerging.

So exciting!

This is wonderful, Eden!

We are thrilled to have your knowledge and experience shared with us throughout this exciting process.

Looking forward to hearing more as it unfolds :)