Building Community

Submitted by Judith Hogan on April 22, 2014 - 7:24pm
A community conversation in Delburne with the Arts & Culture sector

Delburne, AB is a village of 830 people consisting of a wide variety of talented people. Being so diverse, it is challenging to get involvement consistently as life gets in the way. Having to work, travel, maintain one's home, plus immediate commitments with family, health and rest, can leave very little time to take on the world, let alone our own small section of it.

But being able to get together and voice our thoughts to make our surroundings safe, beautiful and welcoming, is well worth the effort.

The importance of getting together to share our hopes enables us to voice our concerns. In this conversation, we identified the role of community here in our small town:

  • To be a vibrant community without losing its small time charm;

  • To be a good solid community providing everyone with their needs;

  • To appreciation one another: recognizing each other, gratefully listening to each other's  stories, desiring to learn and honour historical and founding families, and contributing through volunteering to ensure its growth and vibrancy.

Ways people experience of community:

  • Being in the centre where ever you are;

  • Always someone you meet, never alone;

  • Relationships that are built beyond the introduction;

  • Community pulling together when needed;

  • Attitude, friendly interest, welcoming;

  • The experience itself, generating a feeling of "being home", a sense of "Belonging".

Benefits of community:

The services, for example, the School Resource Officer (SRO) becomes an extension of family.

Challenges of community:

  • Criticism of advancement;

  • CAVA (Citizens Against Virtually Anything);

  • Respecting that we are all different;

  • Incorporating everyone.

Job/Purpose of community:

  • Family extension;

  • Providing a safe place to play and grow up for age 3 or 93, for all ages and abilities;

  • Providing a positive environment, helping one another;

  • Grow as individuals while working towards the same goal.

A Vision Statement:

In ten years, our community will.... Continue to be a vibrant and healthy village that is known for its Art and Culture focus, for preserving its history, and for working collaboratively to ensure a bright future.