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It Takes a Village Well

Our local tailgate market is the venue for exchanging news and staying connected.

On Happiness

Our modern world conspires against happiness, but it's possible.

Soul Feasts

Our dinner tables can become spaces for expanding our understanding and deepening our bonds.

The Beach Ball

I’m guessing that Circle of Mercy, the congregation I co-pastor, is the only church in existence with an annual prom in the dead of winter.

State of Emergency

Joyce Hollyday
A Christmas Day blizzard kept me from being with beloved friends, but I gave thanks for several experiences of community with strangers this season.

If You Encounter a Jack-o-Lantern

Joyce Hollyday
The ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain was observed October 31 to November 1. It was seen as the dividing line between harvest season and winter, signaling the northern hemisphere’s movement into the “darker half” of the year...

Tortillas at Dawn

Joyce Hollyday
The sun was a mere glint of orange on the eastern horizon. I had just spent a short and restless night on the floor of a church in the tiny town of Ocotal...

Conspiracy Theory

Joyce Hollyday
Community is those friends we breathe with, live for, sacrifice on behalf of—knowing that they do the same for us. They are our “co-conspirators”: the people with whom we want to be so close that we’re breathing the same air.

Community in the Gaps

Family is the community that, for better or worse, most of us are stuck with.