Joyce Hollyday's blog

“Welcome to the Funraiser!”

A community of "differently abled" adults turns a roomful of strangers into a community of appreciation.

Choosing Joy over Perfection

A tablecloth is a reminder of the importance of connection.

Clothed with the Sun

A circle of women share blessings for a new life.

They Will Grow Up

How Peter Pan brought a community together and created unexpected growth

Moonflowers and Morning Glories

Abandoning judgment and celebrating diversity builds strong community.

What Really Matters

People with nothing else to cling to find hope in their community of friends.

The Lessons of Groundhog's Day

Healthy communities need time together and time apart.

Tears of Lament and Hope

Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation hearings are providing the foundation for moving toward a renewed and reconciled national community.

Community for a Cause

Kneeling in the face of overwhelming firepower outside Georgia's death row, I discovered a community of mercy and hope.

Threads of Connection

Creating homemade gifts builds the ties of community.