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Practicing Community

How do we practice Community? What practices do we need to practice? Having returned from a visit to The Open Door, an intentional christian community in Atlanta, Georgia, a group meets to wrestle with these questions. To learn more about our trip check out: "Journey With the Open Door", "Opening the Door to the Open Door"

Journey With the Open Door

I am in a yellow room. The basement here at The Open Door is bright. Bright like the hope and transformation this community brings to its neighborhood in Atlanta...grab a mug and imagine the Georgia sunshine on you as you read through a weeks journal of volunteer work at the Open Door.

Opening the Door to the Open Door

I will be posting 3 blogs reflecting on a service learning trip to the Open Door Community in Atlanta, Georgia. This is the first, the intro, the background, the stage setting. You are invited to explore my reflections as I prepare to learn from amazing people in the south of the USA.

The Farmer Theologian and The Vagrant Son of God

This is my third blog post on a trip down to Jubilee Partners in Comer, Georgia. It is of a reflective nature.

Privilege to Peruse Purpose

I am part of a group learning trip to Jubilee Partners, an intentional community in Comer, Georgia. This entry was written in preperation for the trip.

Active Presence

A few thoughts in the thick of a week volunteering in the Jubilee community in Comer, Georgia.