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Building 21st Century Communities

Community isn’t an old-fashioned concept. We need it now more than ever. But, if we are going to build stronger communities, we can’t hark back to the old ways. We’re living in a different world, and we need to adapt our approaches accordingly.

Citizen Power in Rotterdam

Rotterdam- an example of Citizen Power!

We Need Fewer Volunteers and More Community

Volunteers are well-intentioned individuals who take time from their daily routine in order to be of service. Community, on the other hand, isn’t a departure from routine. It’s a way of life focused on the common good.

Make Serious Change by Having Fun

Jim Diers
Too many of us take ourselves way too seriously. We give the impression that activism is our cross to bear. If that’s our attitude, who’s going to want to join us? We need to lighten up and have fun if we want to make serious change. Here are some great ideas of people choosing creativity and fun over meetings and petitions.

Participatory Budgeting: Pitfalls and Processes

Jim Diers
An exploration and insights into the keys to success and the common pitfalls of engaging in participatory budget processes.

Burgers and Bureaucrats Make Change in Holland

Jim Diers
Jim Diers share beautiful examples of community-building initiatives in the Netherlands that move beyond the obstacles of bureaucracy.

Seize the Opportunity to Rebuild Community

Examining how community building can rise from the ashes of crisis.

The 8 Best Books for Neighbourhood Organizing

The summer is a wonderful time to relax with a good book that will inspire you in the work that you are doing; it can be a time to dream and be rejuvenated. Below, find a list of the 8 books I recommend for neighbourhood organizing... Happy reading!