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How to Build a Business That Supports the Local Community

Submitted by Jess Walter on November 30, 2017 - 3:57am

If you are a future business owner, you already know how much work goes into starting a business. From acquiring permits to building a website, your days are full of tasks to complete to help realize your dream. As you build your business, have you considered how it will ultimately support the surrounding community? Building strong, local communities is a major opportunity for business owners, since they have the power to create real change. Through donations and other support, local companies can help improve schools, feed the homeless, and support many other worthwhile causes.

Discover three ways that you can start a business that supports the local community.

Build a marketing plan with the community in mind

Creating a successful marketing plan requires time and a good understanding of how you would like your business to appear to the public. While building your marketing plan, be sure to include ways to promote your support of the community. Make your specific ways of supporting the community known to followers on social media, your email list, and through print advertisements. Do you plan to donate a percentage of your daily sales to an organization every month? Will your contribute to several local organizations on a regular basis? Be sure to let the community know that your business cares about the organizations and residents in the surrounding area.

Decide how your business will give back monetarily

If you are unsure about the nature of the donations your company will be giving, set those plans now. Decide which organizations your business will send contributions to, how much those contributions will be, and how frequently you will donate. Also decide if you would like the public to get involved in raising funds for the organizations you select. Will you match donations or contribute a portion of your sales for select days? Deciding these details early will help you support your community from day one.

Allow community organizations to use part of your space

If the size of your space permits, let community organizations rent it out for a small fee or no fee. Allowing non-profit organizations to hold special events and meetings is essential to keep them thriving. Your business will also earn trust and respect for supporting organizations that are helping members of the local community.

Developing a strong bond with your community

Although you have a million things to be thinking about or doing when working to start a business, it is important not to forget about your values. As a business owner, you have a platform to give back your money, time, and space to community organizations and residents. Be sure to prioritize community involvement when building your new business.