The Neighbour Challenge

Submitted by Anonymous on July 24, 2012 - 4:13pm
Valisha Reber on getting to know your neighbours

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Anyone want to join the challenge?

Week #1

Question:  What are the names of your neighbors?

Challenge:  Draw a diagram of your street with each house represented by a square.  Now label as many houses as you can by family name.  (If you’re really brave, draw the surrounding blocks as well!)

Respond back and I will post week two next week!


Uh Oh. 6 out of 11 isn't so good. To be fair though, I know almost all of their first names. Family names are tough to remember!

Don't know neighbours

I'm really embarrassed to say that it wasn't until I decided to do this challenge that I realized I don't know the names of anyone who lives on my street! I am going to change that immediately!