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Being an engaged citizen is an expression of fellowship

Last night, I spoke at the Region of Waterloo’s public budget input session. I spoke about the cuts to discretionary benefits (including the community food assistance network), public transit, dental health clinic hours and rural transfer stations.

Togetherness makes a strong, connected neighbourhood

When I saw today’s theme, what first came into my head was the Central Frederick Neighbourhood Association.

Tolerance: Crucial to the messy side of Community Building

Initially, I had some difficulty getting my head around today’s theme. I guess that tolerance is better than intolerance which can lead to all kinds of conflict and hurt. But is that “good “enough?

Building healthy, sustainable communities benefits us all

When we hear the word health, we automatically think of physical health or maybe psychological health. We think: doctors, hospitals, dentists. We think working out, vitamins and medicines. But that’s a narrow definition of health and only begins to touch upon what contributes to our overall health.

1 in 1000 Conversations on Building Community

I arrived at an event where I knew there’d be lots of great content on building community without my Blackberry Z10! That meant I couldn’t tweet the goodness as I’d normally do. Thankfully, I had a notebook and pen. What follows are the notes that I took with a few of my thoughts mixed in.