The Power of Community

Submitted by Heather Keam on June 25, 2015 - 9:48am
Start the Conversation

home in handsI attended the Neighbours policies and programs event on June 8th to 10th.  There was almost 200 people who came together to talk about neighborhoods- policies and programs.  There was an amazing transformation that happened at this event.  The first day everyone was quiet and not a lot of conversation was happening, but by the end of day three the room was so loud…lots of conversation, sharing and questions.  The best part of the event was when a gentleman stood up and thanked everyone in the room for all that they do.  He decided to immigrate late in life to Canada and has just celebrated one year living in Hamilton.  He said that because of the community work that is happening where he lives he does not regret his decision.

This just reaffirms that the sense of community is so important and that we need to do more of our work at the community level.  Vicki Cammack presented on the last day and she said something that really stuck with me.  She said that isolation is becoming an epidemic and that we need to have intentional conversations.  So go out and talk with your neighbours, say hello to everyone you meet  and get involved in your community…If you want help to start a conversations in your community go to Tamarack’s deepening community site.

How are you making your community better?  Share your stories!