Gavin on Community

Submitted by Gavin Armstrong on December 24, 2012 - 4:03pm

‪What does community mean to you? 


‪Community is a collective of groups or people that is brought together by a common attribute such as being Canadian or all studying at the University of Guelph


‪What is a memorable experience of community that you have had and what made it so memorable?


‪The community experience that stands out to me is the gay community.  It spans borders and age groups but has the common attribute of being gay or supporting those who are gay.  This is a community that has come together to celebrate and protect those who identify as gay.  It seems like everyone knows each other in this community, it is all connected.  I notice that everyone seems to look out for each other.


‪What challenges do you see in your community?


‪The challenge of being so connected.  Being alienated from one person or group can mean that you are alienated from everyone as word travels fast in a well connected community.  It also make it that much harder to repair fences after a conflict.


‪What opportunities do you see in your community?


‪This community is more than just a social group.  It also has a lot of potential to improve health and physical protection of everyone.  This community also helps with awareness and education around HIV/AIDS.


‪What have you done to build community in your life?


‪I have done a lot of work empowering youth.  The idea behind what I do is by working together for the common goal you can accomplish big things.  I have seen this happen in my own life.


‪What dreams and ideas do you to build community moving forward?


‪I have been very engaged particularly in hunger and poverty issues.  I hope to continue to work hard in this field and I am still dedicated to making a difference.  I think that collective action will be key to this success.