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Fun under the grey skies and mud in Foxglove Park

Rain or shine - nothing could stop an enthusiastic group of Foxglove neighbours from getting together for some Easter egg fun! Here is how their story began.

Traynor-Vanier Hockey Try-outs

Kitchener Minor Hockey Association offers Hockey Development program to bring excitement and pride to a group of neighbourhood youth.

Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Festival of Neighbourhoods - extraordinary and powerful things happen in the ordinary, everyday, common places that we share when we “get talking”.

Westchester Blitz 2014

The‘Festival of Neighbourhoods’ team outreach timing was impeccable in the Westchester community, as the citizen were ready for their second attempt this September to have a ‘picnic in the park’ together.

Moorgate Summer Blitz August 2014

Moorgate/Chopin area - an extraordinary mix of single houses, town houses, 4 store building and high rises. Mix of people and languages, narrow crescents and wide green parks, and we had the chance to enjoy it all.

Millwood Summer Outreach

“There were trees ripped from the ground when the hurricane passed six years ago…”,“A neighbour called by a name that was not his for 20 years and did not mind…”. The stories and laughter were echoing at the Doon neighbourhood, that we call Millwood Area.

Festival of Neighbourhoods Year 2014

Prizes, challenges, grants and tips for neighbours. FoN Map, Mayor's Challenge and always fun Neighbourhood Activity Trunk.

November E-Neighbour 2013

Here is the November E-newsletter for the Festival of Neighbours

Life around Heritage Park

That evening, we meet the two worlds nested in the same neighbourhood, connecting past and present, and working together to create a sense of connection and care in their neighbourhood.

Blitz at Traynor-Vanier Neighbourhood

We have met more people that are willing to share their vision of what the neighbourhood can be and we are sure we will get invited to the next get together in Traynor Park. Only, this time hosted by the amazing people from the neighbourhood!